Think About This Before You Start Any Home Renovation

The planning stage of any home improvement scheme is critical to the success of the overall project, and by hiring an architect you can make life so much easier, and move ahead with the building work in total confidence. Consult an architect and you save time, money and wasted effort, whilst having the benefit of an expert on-hand to give you advice about planning, budget and building design.  Seek their advice early on and also consider some of the following processes as you plan and prepare for your home renovation.

Be realistic with your expectations and look at the bigger picture

Extensions and home renovations aren’t simple fixes so be prepared to look at the bigger picture when you are planning any scopes of work. As well as choosing an architect, you will need to find a builder and if the work requires planning permission, this will need to be approved.

Be realistic about how long the process is going to take, and the type of disruption this is going to cause. Your home will be turned into a building site for a while, are you ready to embrace this and endure this until the work is finalised? It’s something you’ll have to get used to in the short-term before you see any long-term gains.

 Have a clear plan and create a timetable for the work involved

Budget as much as you can for the building work and discuss the figure you have in mind for the project with your architect at the start. People often underestimate how much money they will actually need to bring their dreams to life and this can lead to future problems if they don’t have an adequate budget.

Talk through the finances you have available with your architect, and they can tailor the project to suit your requirements and create solutions that work well within your price range.

Stick to the plan

Once you have agreed on the plan for the building work with your architect, stick to your guns. Don’t attempt to change things once the plans have been approved and the building work is due to commence, as this can have a detrimental impact on the overall project. 

Last-minute changes are likely to cost you even more money, and they can set the scheme back which has an impact on the budget and the timescale for the development work.    

Consider the impact on your neighbours

Planning permission can be complicated at the best of times, so the last thing you need is neighbours putting a spanner in the works by objecting to your renovation work. Get them onside by talking to them at the start of the project, way before you submit anything to the planning department.  Chat with them about the design scheme, explain the level of work involved, and promise to invite them around for a drink to view the work once it has been completed.

Sweeten your neighbours up at the start of the home renovation project and they are less likely to object to the plans you have in mind.

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