How to Endure a House Renovation

Implementing home improvements is a necessary part to making a house your own,. However, when the house renovation is underway, it can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. From the moment the knocking and banging starts you’ll be counting down the days until it’s finished.

Here are some tips to help survive the building work;

Protect your property.

Before the project is underway, protection of any existing furniture is vital. The cost of a renovation isn’t cheap, so having to spend additional money on damaged goods needs to be prevented. Before the renovation starts purchase some dust sheets, these can be placed onto furniture. Also keep any doors shut which have expensive items in to keep the dust out. Pack away the smaller items and keep these in a secure place.

Electronic equipment should be removed from all the working areas and kept away, furthermore dust sheets should also be placed over these to prevent them from becoming faulty.


Keeping the communication lines open between all involved throughout the process is important. This will help to create a successful renovation.

Communication between you and your neighbours is a necessary before the building starts. They will appreciate you informing them on what’s going to happen and the timescale. This will also help the relationship in the future if it went over the planned time.

Keeping to the plan is vital, however this is not always the case. If there was any reason why it went off plan, there needs to be strong communication between you and your contracts. Asking about project changes prices, will prevent shock charges at the end.

Plan your new life

This might sound dramatic but once the renovation is taking place, some of your home may become inaccessible. Rearrange rooms before work begins, if it’s your kitchen having a makeover move the microwave and fridge where they can still be used.  Some periods you may go without water, so purchasing bottled water and arranging a place to shower is important. Be realistic, some rooms will be out of bounds so combining ones together will help you through it.

If you’re going through a renovation and are finding it hard, just remember once you get through all of this you will be left with an amazing new space to enjoy!

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