Status - Planning Granted


Architect's Brief

The client requested a new, contemporary single storey side and rear extension to their home in Sheffield.

The proposal had to carefully consider site levels, privacy and sun light to provide two additional bedrooms and a new sitting area/sun room.


Design Solution

The proposal will be in the form of two extensions, the first is to provide a larger kitchen dining area (replacing existing conservatory). The second extension will create two additional bedrooms and a sun room.  

The proposed extensions have been designed to directly respond to their context and have minimum impact on the surrounding area. A newly proposed house has recently received planning permission to the North East of 13 Stumperlowe Croft and the new extension is designed to sit along the North East site boundary to act as a buffer between the two properties. The new proposal will enclose the existing garden to create a private amenity area. The existing garden slopes up from the house and the proposal uses this to minimise its impact. The main proposal is formed by two spaces, the bedroom pod and the sun room, which are at different heights to respond to the site topography. The majority of the proposal sits below the 4m high hedgerow to the perimeter. The sun room is situated at the top of the garden to avoid overshadowing from the existing house. The room is highly glazed to create a space which is an extension of the garden. The bedroom pods are situated much lower, linked to the sun room via a glass link, and relate more to the existing house. A second extension is proposed, to replace the existing conservatory, to extend the existing kitchen space.

The proposal renovates and extends the existing property to embrace the varied street scene and create a modern, well proportioned dwelling. The main proposal is for a minimal, contemporary extension to relate to the new contemporary dwelling adjacent. The materials have been carefully chosen to minimise its impact, with timber cladding used to soften its appearance and mirror the mature trees and planting to all three site boundaries. Black brickwork is used to ground the proposal and break up its mass. A second extension is proposed, to replace the existing conservatory, to extend the existing kitchen space. This has been designed to match the style of the existing house using buff brick and render. Render treatment is applied to various elements of the existing house to tie the new and old together.