Five Of The Latest Trends In Architecture In 2019

As 2018 came to an end, within the architecture industry thoughts had begun to turn to what would be happening throughout 2019.  Within all industries, the prospect of changes occurring is very much at the forefront especially with new technologies and materials becoming increasingly available.   It is these new technologies and materials that will lead to architects looking at different ways to design and build. 

There are quite a few ways in which the architecture industry could evolve and there are certain trends in architecture that many self-build architects and new build homes architects may be looking at to include in their designs. 

So what may well be the latest trends in architecture we are likely to be seeing in 2019? 

Below we take a brief look at just what some of these may be. 

Sustainable Designs

This form of architecture was steadily growing throughout 2018 and will continue to do so throughout 2019.   We have all become more aware of what effect we are having on the planet.  We not that there is only an infinite amount of natural resources left for us to use and of course the commitment by many around the world to combat climate change has meant a great many architects are now adopting a more mindful approach to designing new homes.   They have begun to use more sustainable materials as well as finding ways to reduce the negative impact construction has on the planet.

Smart Buildings

Just as in 2018, technology will continue to enhance architects capabilities and they will then design more futuristic buildings.  Both new build and self-build architects are going to start designing homes that improve our living experience.   Things such as the inclusion of virtual assistants, smart home appliances and heating systems incorporated into their designs will provide additional comfort to the homeowner.  Such elements are now being included during the initial design stage rather than as an afterthought. 

Eco-Friendly Designs

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who is hiring an architect in say, Sheffield or Chesterfield, that the need for more eco-friendly homes is on the rise.  Some of the kinds of innovations likely to be seen over the next year or so is the inclusion of more green spaces (gardens).  In some cases where space is at a premium, this may include the addition of a rooftop garden.  Also, the inclusion of things such as green walls in not just business premises but also in homes as well.  

Along with the addition of green spaces in such properties the inclusion of using recycled materials will also be more prominent.   By inclusion of such materials in any building project will help to reduce energy requirements and in turn emissions.  In some cases, this can be by as much as 90%. 

Open Plan Designs

Open plan living has been quite common in many of the designs created by new homes and self-build architects for the last 20 years or so.   But there are some changes going to be taking place throughout 2019.  Many architects have become increasingly conscious that open plan spaces need to have defined areas.  This will then help to prevent any space from looking uninspiring and flat. 

So to accomplish this many new homes build architects will incorporate different floor levels in their designs.  They will also look to use different colours and textures on surfaces as well as adding things such as kitchen islands into a space.  Also, lighting will prove important and they will use it in such a way to improve the visual organization of any open planned room.

Inclusion Of Solar Roof Tiles

The inclusion of such on any new builds will enable the house to obtain much of the energy it needs from sunlight.   The reason why such is going to prove to be one of the latest trends in architecture in 2019 is that they come in a variety of different styles from slate looking ones to those that are smooth or have the appearance of asphalt.  Also, they integrate seamlessly into the roof of any new building, and this, in turn, makes them look more attractive.  

The other reason for why such is going to prove popular with many architects and home and business owners is that it is said they will be cheaper than conventional glass solar panels. 

Latest Trends In Architecture 2019

As you can see from above when it comes to the latest trends in architecture it is all to do with helping the planet.  If you would really like to learn more about what can be done when it comes to building a new home in Sheffield or Chesterfield we at Brightman Clarke Architects can help you, simply give us a call on 0114 2361366 or 01246 383707.  Alternatively, simply fill in our online Enquiry Form and we will call you back to discuss your requirements further.