House extensions & new build homes

At Brightman Clarke Architects we understand the process of building a new home or a house extension can often be as daunting as it is exciting, but we will guide you through each stage of the process. Our team of experienced architects in Sheffield and Chesterfield aim to take the stress out of the process by providing a full, professional service for this significant event in your life.  

Our team of architects and technologists are on hand to provide you with advice and guidance throughout whole build process, from obtaining planning permission to building regulation approval and beyond. We will submit all applications on your behalf, monitor them, and dealing with any queries from the Local Authorities, leaving you to focus on the fun aspects of deigning your new home.

We provide a range of residential services, including the following:


  • House extensions and Loft Conversions

  • New build homes

  • House remodelling

  • Barn Conversions

  • Garage / Basement Conversions



You may be very happy with your current home and just wish it was a little larger.  You may love its location, but feel it needs a facelift to release its true potential. In either case, you may wish to consider a house extension to give you the space you need or look you desire. At Brightman Clarke Architects, we offer a range of contemporary and traditional house extensions for a modern way of life. Single-storey house extensions are great if you want to create that large open plan family living kitchen or extra reception room; or you could choose a two-storey house extension to add both more living space and extra bedrooms and/or bathrooms.

New Build Homes and Self Builds

One of our exciting services include designing new build houses in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles. Where practical, we look to integrate the latest innovative technologies such as Passivhaus, ICF, heat recovery systems and much more to reduce environmental impact and create sustainable low energy homes.

Loft / Basement Conversions

Another increasingly popular option is to utilise existing space within a home, transforming a cold and unused space loft space into a warm and welcoming extra room.  A lot conversion offers a great opportunity to create that extra bedroom, guest suite or home office without losing any garden or driveway space.

Barn Conversions

Often in rural locations it is common to have a series of outbuildings and barns which may have become redundant due to the changing agricultural needs. Whilst these are often left to fall into disrepair they can be an ideal candidate for converting into extra accommodation for your home, such as an annex apartment or extended living space for your growing family. The barn could even be converted to form a new independent home. In fact, recent changes to planning legislation may even mean that your barn could even be converted under extended permitted development rights (Class Q).

It is quite often a prerequisite of any planning approval that the development of any barns be limited to the existing form and openings of the structure. Whilst it can be restrictive working within these confined parameters, Brightman Clark Architects enjoy the challenge and are more than capable of assessing your existing building to create a unique and individual solution which maximises the space within the existing building..

 If you’re interested in the many ways we at Brightman Clarke Architects can help you to improve your home, contact us or give us a call now on 0114 236 1366 / 01246 383 707.         .


the Design Process


Brightman Clarke Architects offer all aspects of the full RIBA plan of work through stages 0 – 7. However, we appreciate that for many of our domestic house extension clients these can be quite confusing so for clarity we break our process down into clearer, more defined stages. We also recognise that every project and clients requirements are unique and for that reason we offer various packages of services which take you from conception to outline planning approval, full planning, construction package, tender support or even right through the construction process until the last brick and roof tile has been installed and the keys to your newly completed home are in your hands.


Design brief

Assessment & Design Brief

With every Architectural project you have to start at the beginning to assess the existing building, understand what our clients are looking to achieve and ensure that this is feasible from both planning and construction perspectives before formulating an agreed design brief.  

In order to carry out this process we offer a no obligation design consultation where a member of Brightman Clarke Architects design team will visit you to get a full understanding of your needs and aspirations for your dream home.


Site Survey and Existing Information

Once appointed, Brightman Clarke Architects personally return to your home, property or site to conduct an appropriate measured survey to record the existing layout of your property and surrounding buildings, build elevations and local levels where practicable.

We then return and use the information gathered to produce the existing floor plans, elevations, site plans and GA sections of your property. This is a vital step towards developing your project and forms the anchor for all of our designs and details thereafter. We will issue you with a copy of this information in PDF format once completed so that you have a copy for your records.

On blank sites for new homes, developments or commercial units it may be necessary to appoint a specialist surveying company to undertake a full topographical survey. In this instance we will gather quotes from a number of local reputable surveying companies on your behalf and adapt their information to suit your project once received.


Concept Design

sheffield architects design process

Once we have completed a full package of existing information, we will begin to work up a number of sketch design schemes in line with our agreed brief, taking many forms from 2D floor plans and elevations to 3D visuals, depending on the level of service you are looking for.


Design development

The initial draft designs are just the first step towards realising the potential of your home and the part that we really enjoy is getting your feedback and developing the initial drafts with you. To do this Brightman Clarke Architects carry out a thorough design review to explore the options put forwards to you to ensure that we are maximising your properties potential and modelling to meet your vision and expectations.

We then return to the office briefed with our meeting notes to set about fine tuning the designs in accordance with our discussions and sketches during the review and will then issue any subsequent drafts for your consideration and approval.

Sheffield architects design development
Chesterfield architects design process planning



Once that we have finalised design that you are happy with we will continue to add the extra layers of detail and annotation required and submit a full planning application on your behalf. 

We will then continue to monitor the applications progress and liaise with the appointed planning officer where necessary.

Typically a standard householder application / minor development (less than 10 houses) application will take around 8 weeks for the local planning authority to determine once registered whilst a major development (10 or more houses) will take approximately 13 weeks for the local planning authority to determine.



Building regulations drawings chesterfield

Detailed Design Development (Builders Works Plans)

Once planning approval has been granted, once instructed by yourselves, we will begin preparing the detailed builders works plans, sections and construction drawings.

Brightman Clarke Architects will also produce an initial structural arrangement layout to begin liaising with Structural Engineers and other professional consultants as necessary. We will then co-ordinate all specialist information into the builders works drawings accordingly.


Building Regulations

We will then submit a building regulations application on your behalf, consisting of Brightman Clarke Architects drawings, the Structural Engineers designs and details and all other consultants information as required.

Building regulations approvals are generally received within 6 – 8 weeks when submitting to local authority building controls. However, should you chose to submit to a private building inspectors this time can be significantly reduced.


Construction Issue Builders Works

Once that all relevant approvals are in place we will issue the final construction package drawings and should you wish to end our involvement in the project here you will find builders have sufficient information to provide detailed quotes for the builders works aspects of the project as well as carrying out all necessary construction works.


Tender Support

Dependant on the complexity of your project and the level of involvement you want from your builders in completing your project, you can retain our services to offer help and guidance through the tender process.

Here, we would sit down with you and the detailed construction drawings to form a full schedule of works (outlining what the contractor is to allow for, i.e. tiling the bathroom, decorating the walls, supply and fitting high quality oak flooring etc.) and finishes specification to create a more robust and accurate tender document so that you can be sure that all contractors are prices the same job (for example, you may find that one contractor has allowed for high quality £100.00 timber doors whilst the other has only allowed for standard £25.00 white 6 panel doors from Wickes / B&Q etc. creating a disparity between prices).

Once that the full tender drawings and documentation have been compiled we will issue a full form of tender to a selection of local builders / contractors on your behalf. We will then wait for tenders to be received before collating them and issuing our assessment of the proposals, including estimated build times, anomalies in prices, omissions etc before meeting with you to explain our findings and help you to identify your preferred contractor.


Chesterfield architects progress construction

Contract Administrator Role – To Oversee Construction Process

 Feeling daunted by the prospect of the construction process? Not on site during the build? Just feel like you want more support whilst the build is taking place?

If any of the above relate to you then you may be pleased to know that Brightman Clarke Architects also offer a support service during the construction process, taking on the role of contracts administrator.

For this, we would orchestrate and an initial pre construction meeting between ourselves, you and the contractor where we would produce an appropriate building contract for you and the contractor to sign.

We would then attend regular on site construction meetings with the main contractor to discuss progress and answer and queries you or the builder may have. We would also check that works are being carried out in accordance with our design and raise any concerns that you may have.

The contractor would then issue regular valuation requests (essentially an invoice for works carried out to date) for our assessment and we would then in turn issue an Architects Certificate (an instruction to you to make payment) for the appropriate amount. Should we feel that the request for payment does not reflect works carried out to date on site we would negotiate with the contractor directly on your behalf.

When the project is nearing completion we would then issue a snagging list (list of works to be completed / rectified) for the builder to complete before issuing a practical completion certificate when your home would then be handed back over to you from the builders. As part of this package there would be 5% of the final fee retained by yourselves until the defects liability period has expired (typically 6 months), after which time we would carry out a final site inspection to ensure there are no defects in the works and issue a final payment certificate accordingly.