How to choose the right architects for your project

Doing your research into the architects you should choose for your project might seem daunting, and it’s completely understandable if you do feel a little overwhelmed. Beginning a new extension, new build, or commercial premises takes a lot of planning and organisation. We’ve put together a brief walk-through on how to choose the right architects for your style and peace of mind and what to consider when you meet with them. Here’s how to choose your architects in Chesterfield and Sheffield.


Trust and Professionalism

When sourcing the best architects for your projects take a look at their credentials and decide whether you can trust them. For example, check that they are chartered with a professional body such as RIBA. This stands for the Royal Institute of British Architects and is a reputable professional membership body that drives excellence in architecture. They lead with some of the highest professional and ethical standards, so you know if you’ve found a RIBA-chartered architect that you’ve sourced a reliable firm.


Style and Portfolio

Choosing your architects means choosing the right professionals not just for your project, but for you and your personal style. Take a look at your preferred architects’ completed projects in their portfolio so you can get a feel for their unique approach to design and flare. The professional architects at BC Architects specialise in contemporary architecture, which combines stunning visuals with optimum functionality. Our style is modern without being too futuristic, allowing you to enjoy stylish interiors and exteriors that don’t compromise the comfort of a loved home or a functional commercial space.


Open Discussion

Because your home or commercial project is invariably yours, it’s important you choose an architect that doesn’t pressure you to conform to their ideas or to confirming a project before you’re wholly ready. A no obligation design meeting is the perfect chance for an informal yet in-depth discussion about your project. At these meetings you can honestly and openly discuss budget, timescales, design ideas, and planning guidance to ensure your project will ruin as smoothly as expected. This discussion also helps you to get to know your architects in a no-pressure environment. As a promise to all of our clients and the people we work with, we always advise on a no obligation design meeting so we can ensure you feel comfortable and confident in our expertise.


Professional Architects in Sheffield and Chesterfield

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