Glass Box Extensions: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for inspiration and specialist advice regarding glass box extensions, look no further. As architects in Sheffield of notable experience, Brightman Clarke architects has expansive knowledge to help you decide on the right extension for your home.

Contemporary glass box extensions make a striking design statement, greatly enhancing the aesthetic of your home. Flooding your home with natural light, glass box extensions will increase its value whilst improving the overall ambiance of your home’s interior.

Whether you’re looking to discover how much you can expect to pay for a glass box extension, or considering the design possibilities, here’s what you need to know about these types of extensions.

How Much?

It’s safe to say that a glass box extension will be decidedly more-costly than adding a conservatory to your home. Why? Homeowners want their extension to flow from the rest of the house, which may mean compensating for the expansive areas of glass in enhancing insulation properties or completing additional energy-saving measures.

However, the quality and durability of the aluminium construction of glass boxed extensions versus uPVC conservatories is indicative of the price increase.

Not only that, including high-specification glass, bespoke structural solutions and alterations to the rest of the house all add up. Given the nature of the extension, architectural and building fees are likely to increase. You may also need to employ a thermal consultant too. It’s worth carefully considering your budget before settling on building a glass box extension.

Planning Permission

Getting planning permission for any glass box extensions is no different to getting planning permission for a regular extension – if it’s a considered extension and not at the front of the property.

Properties situated in conservation areas or that are listed will always require planning permission for a glass box extension. Property owners will need to demonstrate that the extension is in-keeping with the period aesthetics of the original building.

However, as a caveat to this, most small glass box extensions on homes tend to be covered by the government’s Permitted Development Rights. This means that homeowners are permitted to build small glass box extensions to their home. Before undertaking any work, it’s always wise to check with an architect to make sure that the extension you intend to build is legally compliant.

The Benefits

By adding a glass box extension to your home you’re making a real design statement – giving your home that wow factor! Visitors will be left in awe, and it certainly adds that dash of glamour to any home!

That aside, this type of extension is a great way to combine two areas of the home, increasing its flow and general internal comfort. Properties that benefit from a great view also prove well-suited to glass box extensions. The addition of floor-to-ceiling glass or a glass roof can really bring external elements to the forefront of a property, creating an ambiance that’s hard to match.

Additionally, the inclusion of substantial areas of glass to a building is a great way of preserving any historic elements of the property as they create a subtle contrast against traditional architecture.

The Expertise

Typically, glass boxed extensions involve specialist design detailing. Experienced architects in Sheffield, like Brightman Clarke, will be able to create a design that’s uniquely tailored to your property, but you will need to hire the expertise of additional property professionals.

Contractors typically work in collaboration with architects to create the ideal extension. Door systems and glazed walls will need to be considered, as will any load-bearing glass beams and columns.

A contemporary glass extension, designed and built with a more conventional structure such as a steel frame with floor to ceiling glazing and sliding or bi-folding doors is less complicated and as such an experienced residential architect and structural engineer, working alongside a glazing specialist or door supplier will be able to help you.

Glass box extensions are a great way to add more space to any property whilst enhancing the character of the home. As experienced architects in Sheffield, Brightman Clarke can help you decide if a glass box extension is right for you – and help you create a space that adds true personal and financial value to your home.