Our Process

Brightman Clarke Architects can take your project from the initial concept through to completion, guiding you through each aspect of the process and helping you make the most of the experience.   

We also recognise that each project is unique and for that reason are services are flexible and tailored to best suit the individual project needs.  We can provide services across all aspects of a construction project, covering the RIBA plan of work stages 0–7, to help you with your scheme.


Site meeting and architects brief

We begin every project with a site visit to discuss your aspirations and formulate a project brief, looking at your ideas, goals and budget to help shape the project ahead.  It is important for us to understand how you use your home and what your key objectives are.  We will also assess the existing site and provide advice on whether your vision is feasible from both planning and construction perspectives.



Once appointed, Brightman Clarke Architects will return to conduct a measured survey to record the existing layout of your property, its exterior and elevations, surrounding buildings and site levels where practicable.  From our measured survey, we will produce the existing floor plans, elevations, site plans and GA sections of your property. We will issue you with a copy of this information in PDF format once completed so that you have a copy for your records.

On sites for new homes, developments or commercial units, it may be necessary to appoint a specialist surveying company to undertake a full topographical survey. In this instance we will gather quotes from a number of local reputable surveying companies on your behalf and adapt their information to suit your project once received.

This initial survey work will allow us to progress onto the concept design.


concept design process

We carefully analyse your project brief and the site context to begin the initial design work.  This initial sketch design stage tests the brief to explore a number of options and determine how best to achieve your vision.  We will look primarily at 2D plan layouts and basic 3D models to help shape your project.

You will be involved in the design process at every stage and we will meet with you to discuss the designs before progressing the scheme further.



The initial concept designs are just the first step towards realising the potential of your home.  One of our team will meet with you to discuss the proposals and propose ideas on how to develop the scheme.  The proposals are then developed and worked up in more detail, exploring the exterior interior spaces, and are then presented to you in 3 dimensions to help you best visualise your dream home.



Brightman Clarke Architects will then meet with you again to discuss the designs and develop the proposal towards a final design.  We will begin to add extra layers of detail into the design and develop the finer aspects of the project.

Once the design and layout are finalised, we will produce the drawings and information required for the Planning Application.  We will submit the application on your behalf, monitor its progress and manage any queries from the appointed Planning Officer as necessary.

Typically a standard householder application / minor development (less than 10 houses) application will take around 8 weeks for the local planning authority to determine once registered. A major development (10 or more houses) will take approximately 13 weeks for the local planning authority to determine.



Before you can start construction of your project, you will need Building Regulations Approval.  Once planning approval has been granted, we will begin preparing the detailed construction plans, sections and elevation drawings which will be submitted as part of the Building Regulations Application.

You will also need input from a Structural Engineer for this stage of the project. Brightman Clarke Architects will produce an initial structural arrangement layout to begin liaising with Structural Engineers and other consultants as necessary.

As with the Planning Application, we will submit Building Regulations Application on your behalf, liaising with the Building Control as required to obtain you a Building Regulations Approval. 


tender negotiations

Once the core aspects of the construction drawings are completed and the Building Regulations application is submitted, we can begin the Tender stage of your project and obtain quotations from potential contractors.

Brightman Clarke Architects will guide you through the Tender stage, liaising directly with contractors and dealing with queries on your behalf to obtain the quotes for consideration.

As part of our service in this stage, we work with you to develop detailed drawings and specifications to document the full extent of your project.  This will cover every aspect of your project, from exterior paving choices, to decoration and colour of paint, to the amount of tiling and floor finishes that are to be costed.  This extra detail creates a more robust and accurate tender document so that you can be assured that all the potential contractors are pricing the same project.

Once we have received all of the quotations, we will sit down with you and assess the tender returns and help you make an informed decision on the right contractor for your dream project.


contemporary construction

As part of our full architectural service, we will fulfil a Contract Administrator role and continue to work with you throughout the construction of your project.  This service provides the reassurance of one of our team being on site regularly to assess the building work and guide you through the construction process.

We begin by formailsing your appointment with your chosen contractor, advising on and administering the building Contract between yourselves and the contractor.  Once construction begins, we will be on site regularly to assess and monitor the progress and quality of the build and ensure that the project is being built in accordance with our intentions.  We also on hand for site queries and to guide you through the process.  This role also is connected to the payments you make to your builder, in accordance with a standard JCT Contract arrangement, providing you with more reassurance throughout the build.

Our close involvement during construction ensures that finished project meets the highest standards and delivers the vision that you set out to achieve.